A hair map
based on your proportions

  1. You are unique
    So your hairstyle should be too

  2. Tailor made
    A hair map designed for your proportions and beauty features

  3. Conscious choices
    Optimal hairstyle is now a choice.
    Be the best you!

Who am I

Pro tips to you

If you would like some answers

Face shape is indeed very important

Tailormade based on your proportions

Know your face shape and other proportions

Bring your hair map to you stylist

Pictures for different situations.
Party/job etc.

You are unique and beautiful.

And all of your proportions and beauty traits are unique to!
Therefore you should make a conscious choice when you choose your new hairstyle.

For the first time in history. It's possible to get your very own hair map. A guideline that will explain in details what hairstyle to choose and what to avoid.

To be aware of all of your beauty traits and play with them, not against them will make you the most beautiful version of you.

It's time..

It's time to be you and different from your coworkers, friends and family. They look different from you in so many ways.

Therefor you need a hairstyle to bring forward your best features and become the very best version of you.
And it's only hair! It's nothing permanent. I dare you to try!


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